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Right To Choose

As a free individual, everyone has a right to choose whatever fits best for them. May it be, buying a product, dress, partner, friends, religion and it stands true for Employers and Employees as well.

Being into Recruitment Industry I am almost every time listen to recruiters blaming candidates not accepting the offer after the interview, and stating that it is unprofessional to do so. Also, some say that candidates have wasted the time of the Employer and Recruiter in the whole process. I am also a recruiter and this has happened to me too, several times.

When we are blaming a candidate for not accepting the offer or for not showing up after accepting the offer, are we forgetting that in the world everyone is a free individual and everyone have the right to choose? If a company has all the rights to interview as many candidates it wants, and select as many it wants, and then select the best candidate out of the ones they have shortlisted, then why are we showing the double standards when it comes to the candidates. Why doesn't a candidate have the right to chose the right company for him? Why he has to join a company just because he accepted the offer, but later on if he feels that the company is not good enough, or if he receives a better opportunity somewhere else, why he shouldn't join that company. Again, accepting the offer doesn't make him bound to stick with the employer. He still can move to another.

In my career as of now, I have seen several cases where the client has (Employer) started the hiring process, interviewed the candidate, offered the candidate, and the candidate has resigned from his/her previous job. And after all this, the client puts the whole project on hold, keeping the candidate in a dilemma, that what he will do now. S/He has no job, and the previous one was gone. Is it not the wrong practice employers doing. I have seen instances, where client interviewed and selected two candidates, and then start comparing those candidates and offer the one they feel best. So, in this context, we should also blame this practice of the employer, but we don't. I have recently seen in Linkedin one recruiter has shared a screenshot of a candidate's LinkedIn Page who has rejected an offer. And, I was shocked seeing this. Have we been degraded to such a level that we start doing such practices to malign someone's reputation in the social media and hamper their chance fo getting employment?

We blame the candidate, Why? Is it because we will not get the incentives? Is it because we will make our reputation in front of the client bad? Is it because we have to work more and find again a new candidate? Or, is it because we want to play the blame game?

I personally condemn this practice and would like to say that, every individual has right to make their own choices, may it be choosing a company to work, or a salary or the time or not to work at all. Blaming the person is not helping, rather than working and building good relation with the candidate so that he can be free to share his worries and issues to you, and you can be prepared 1st hand and will be able to help the candidate take a better choice.

Our profession is to build the relationship, grow trust levels, help people to reach their career goals, build lives, spread happiness. I request to please stop the blame game, respect the choices people make and move on with a goal of helping.


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