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Feedback - An Important Part of the Hiring Process!

Feedback: Why is it important? Why shall a recruiter bother about it? Why spend 2 minutes of your time giving feedback? Are the candidates really expecting feedback? What to say if the feedback is negative and what if the candidate backfires? etc...

I can go on and on, about the reasons why recruiters do not give feedback. But the main thing what most of the recruiters forget is that they are dealing with human beings and not with machines. Every recruiter is a well wisher of a candidate and a trusted partner of the client. For any company, candidates are also equally important as clients. As no recruitment company can run without a client, similarly not without a candidate. Both are very important for the industry's ecosystem. We can't ignore one while servicing the other.

At the same time, I do understand that recruiters are also human beings and not a machine which can be able to send an email or call to every application they get. There are times when a recruiter can get more than 100 applications for a single role and they have a turn around time for submitting a suitable profile. They have a lot to do to submit that 1 or 2 suitable profiles that includes resume review, connecting with the candidate, review them over the phone, select the most suitable one, prepare the submission and submit to the client over the email, in case the client is using a VMS portal then they have to submit the candidate over the VMS portal which takes more time than just submitting over the email. Hence due to the pressure and multiple tasking, they skip providing feedback to all the applications.

I will not say that it is practically possible to give feedback to all the applications, however, I will for sure say that recruiters MUST give feedbacks to all the candidates they have spoken, submitted to the client. I can understand that sometimes, clients do not provide feedback and hence it can't be delivered to the candidates, however, whatever the status is, recruiters must update the candidates about it. Every recruiter must think of themselves being a candidate, had a conversation and then the recruiter goes mum. This is plain rude, and not at all professional. It doesn't take more than 2 minutes to write an email to the candidate providing them an update.

For all those candidates who has taken interview, even 1st round and is waiting for the feedback, they MUST get a call. Just sending an email or a text is not enough. Candidates who has spent time in taking the interview deserve a feedback. In my experience I have noticed recruiters ignoring candidates who has got rejected due to xyz reason.

At the end I suggest all the recruiters who are ignoring, or not giving timely feedback or not at all giving feedback to the candidates, they have spoken or those who has gone through the interview process, should start giving them feedback. We are working with humans, and our business runs of relationship. You don't know that today the candidate you are talking can be a client tomorrow, whom you will reach for business. The world is connected with people and the only thing keeps us human being is empathy towards ur fellow human beings.

Every time you feel like ignoring a candidate or not giving feedback due to any reason, keep yourself in the same place where they are now and think how you will feel if the same treatment you will get.

Always remember the Golden Rule: “You should treat others the way You want to be treated yourself..”

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